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Face of Fitness Cover Contest Update

Our FOF finalists reached for a zen moment during a rooftop yoga session in NYC.

Our FOF finalists reached for a zen moment during a rooftop yoga session in NYC.

As some of you may remember, we had a very exciting online competition going on just before summer hit: The Face of Fitness cover contest! After you selected the Readers' Choice Winner, Lauren, the judges went on to select four more inspiring finalists. Since then, the finalists have flown to NYC, had a photoshoot, and we're now in the process of choosing our cover girl! So exciting! And while we can't reveal all the finalists, we can tell you all about their trip to NYC! How it went down:

  • As soon as they checked into their swanky hotel, each finalist had a car waiting for her to whisk her off to the FITNESS office for a fitting. A fitting is when the fashion editors see how the apparel they've selected actually fits on the model...and if anything needs to be adjusted or tailored.
  • The Photoshoot Day was a loooong day: Our FOF finalists had to rise and shine by 7 a.m., and didn't finish until early evening. Since each finalist had her own shoot, it was like five photoshoots in one.
  • The next day, the finalists joined some of the FITNESS editors for a tasty-but-healthy lunch. After they explored New York for a few more hours, the women were then treated to a private, rooftop yoga session by Emilie Smith at The Sports Club/LA, a luxurious fitness center on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. "After yesterday, this is exactly what we needed!" one of the finalists commented.

What then? Well, we don't officially know. But we're pretty sure the five new friends took a big bite out of the New York nightlife...and undoubtedly turned a few heads while they were at it! Next up: The Grand Prize Winner and Face of Fitness cover girl will be revealed on our November/December issue, which hits stands in October. Be sure to check for more info online, too: We'll reveal some behind-the-scenes photos, finalists' profiles, and feature other submissions we loved.