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We Tried It: Camp David Outdoor Boot Camp Class

TK and Lauren push it to the limit.

Push it to the limit.

Written by Theresa K. Brady, editorial intern

After one day at Camp David, you’re sure to LookBetterNaked —the mantra of DavidBartonGym. The free (yes, free!) boot camp class offered by the gym is designed to burn fat and build muscle through intense cardio drills, agility training and core strengthening moves. But this class is for you, even if you’re not a gym junkie—it's entirely outdoors! Last Tuesday, I made my way to the gym’s Uptown location in New York City to experience the Camp David for myself. Wasting no time, trainer Carlos Frias started the class with a brisk jog to the Great Lawn in Central Park. He led our group of 12 to a small picnic area where we completed sets of lunges and cardio drills. Although the drills were simple like running in place and jumping jacks, we all were dripping sweat! After finishing loads of squats, it was time to work our upper bodies.

Theresa (left) and Lauren share sweaty smiles with boot camp instructor Frias.

Theresa (left) and fellow intern Lauren share sweaty smiles with boot camp instructor Frias.

Using picnic tables, we performed multiple reps of push-ups and triceps dips. (Frias made sure to help each person individually with this section to prevent any injuries.) We ended the class with a light jog, some stretching and a short walk back to the gym. The best part? All the positive reinforcement! Frias is all about making his recruits feel great about the hard work they put into the class. “There you go” and “that’s right” seem to be his personal mantras. Camp David is great for people of all ages and fitness levels. The best part? You don't have to be a member of the gym to attend. Camp David classes are offered at the DavidBartonGym New York City Uptown, Miami and Seattle locations until September 1. Find out more at!