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Are You Fit for Boot Camp?

Drop and give me 20! (Photo by Amy Postle)

When I first started taking group fitness classes, I used to gravitate towards yoga and Pilates workouts. I've learned to switch things up since then, but I've definitely gotten used to the Zen attitudes of lots of yoga and Pilates instructors. So yesterday, when my friend and I took an abs class with a new instructor, we received a shock. Instead of a smiling, petite woman in spandex, we were greeted by a barking drill sergeant-like male trainer.

The 30-minute class consisted of jumping jacks, mat exercises, more jumping jacks, squats with twists, push-ups, planks, and yup, more jumping jacks. Our trainer walked around the room to make sure everyone was doing the proper exercise but also to push us to keep going. This guy was not going to accept my "This is too hard—time for a break!" cop out. A part of me wanted to know if those 30 minutes were over yet, but I was too busy going from one exercise to the next to even look at the clock, and before I knew it class was over. Phew!

I'll admit, having more pressure made me push myself harder (and having someone nearly twice my size hovering over me helps, too). And it also made me curious how I'd fare in a real boot camp. Have you tried boot camp workouts? Or do you prefer more relaxed classes with laid-back instructors?

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