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Get Your Burn on at Barry's Bootcamp!

We're midway through summer, but that doesn't mean you should forgo the workouts for lazy days on the beach (or sleeping in on weekends)—keep up the hard work you've been putting into your body and try something new! This morning I was sweating it out at the infamous Barry's Bootcamp in New York City, arriving straight from sunny California just two months ago, and it was just the butt-kicking I needed to get my booty in gear for my upcoming marathon training. With Monday's first day to check off my marathon training plan, I really needed to give myself that budge to get my running back on track.

Run Run Run...getting ready for that 26.2 for November! (Photo courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp)

I've been on a steady, and totally desirable plan, of thrice-weekly SoulCycle classes, and due to the intensity of this style of Spinning (and awesome instructors who push you to limits you didn't know you had), I found that I've picked things up a couple of notches on the treadmill. All that huffing and puffing and pushing myself over the "hill" during Soul classes has really increased my VO2 max and helped me go from a 6.2 treadmill sprint to an 8.5! Thanks Soul-sistas! What I wasn't ready for when I came to Barry's (but welcomed with sweaty arms),was the butt-kicking intervals of what they call treadmill "treads" followed by the strength-training routine for my back and shoulder muscles. When I hit the gym by myself, this is something that I normally do (20 minutes of high-intensity sprints on the treadmill, followed by a date with the dumbbells)—however, my body was not prepared to do this no-nonsense routine twice in one hour. The class started off with 15-minutes of incline runs and uber fast-paced sprints, followed by a 15-minute routine on the floor (we did Around-The-Worlds, Car Drivers, Arm Circles, and lots of on-the-mat core work). We then repeated the run/strength circuit again. me defeated once class came to an end! But what an awesome way to get back on that treadmill, with a nice mix of weight-training moves too. Between Spinning, boot camping, and overall intense workouts, I hoping to kill it on my first full marathon course come November. I took some interns along and here's what they had to say:

Instructor Natalie Uhling showing off a killer compound move. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Uhling)

Samantha Shelton, 21: "It was definitely a tough class but I loved it! I was sweating within the first five minutes and really felt the burn with every move. I've never done reverse flies or cranked the treadmill up to that high speed before, so it was intense. The great music, hard-core instructor and pulsating energy definitely kept motivating me to work hard!"

Danielle Paquette, 22: "Barry's was such a challenge for a yoga girl like me, but the intensity of the class really pushed me harder than I've ever gone. There's nothing like sweating to great dance tunes to get in the zone—I felt like I could take on the world after the session ended! The enthusiastic regulars really made me want to try to keep up with them. I'll be back to improve my treadmill sprint speed."