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Workout Tips to Beat the Heat

If only I looked this good after a summer workout.

If only I looked this good after exercising in the heat.

Breaking news: It's really hot outside! Today alone the real feel in New York is over 100 degrees and the humidity is over 50 percent. Not only does this make my hair unhappy, it puts a serious damper on my workout.

When it comes to exercising in extreme weather, I prefer the freezing cold over heat that feels like hitting a brick wall. Since Mother Nature is rarely in my favor from July through August, here are some ways I manage to keep up with my routine when the city heats up.

  • Change your workout time. Typically the morning is the best time to exercise outside because that's when the temps are the lowest of the day. Depending on how early you wake up, this may not be true. I check the hourly forecast to see if a morning or night run is in order. If after work is my best bet, I'll make sure to hydrate like crazy during the day to prep.
  • Find shade. A big "duh" moment for me, but I never realized how much difference running in the shade makes until I started running in tree heaven (known to the masses as Central Park). Paths that are heavily shaded can knock the temperature down 10 degrees or more, so plan a path before you go.
  • Buy some snazzy workout tops. You might think it's silly to buy workout clothes, that's what your old college t-shirts are for, right? But one run outside in a heavy cotton shirt when it's in the 90s and you might think differently. Lightweight clothing that promotes ventilation and wicks away sweat (check out some cute options here)  makes a big difference.

Tell us: What are your tips to working out in the summer heat?