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Reality Check: Resolution Check In

Are you on course with your fitness resolution?

Are you on course with your fitness resolution? (Photo courtesy of Ericka McConnell)

Somehow, we are already well into the beginning of July (sniff, sniff!). This means great beach weather, barbecues, and a scary fact - we're  already at the halfway mark of the New Year's resolutions we  made way back in January. I always set a reminder on my phone at the beginning of the month to take a look and see if A.) I even remember what the heck my resolution was and B.) how close (or far) I am to reaching it. This year, I decided to focus on my fitness safety. Though it might sound silly, when it comes to running in NYC I tend to have the mentality that with so many people living in the area, it's safe to run whenever and wherever, right? Wrong. To play it safe, I'm taking a few tips from the New York Road Runners to run a little smarter:

  • Run with others, especially after dark.
  • Leave your headphones at home.
  • Never acknowledge verbal harassment.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel threatened, change course.
  • Avoid unpopulated areas.
  • Run against traffic.
  • Carry ID and a MetroCard or cab fare.

Checking off the list, I'm not doing too shabby.  I've picked up a buddy for night runs and only jog  in populated areas. Still on the to do list? Make sure I've got ID on me, a few bucks for a cab or water, plus a cell phone in case of emergencies. Tell us: What's your fitness resolution? How are you getting back on track to reach it?