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Fit Blogger We Love: FANNEtastic Food

Anne holding her medal after completing the DC National Half Marathon!

We admire this runner and foodie's recent big life change: quitting her cubicle job to move to Europe and then back to the U.S. to become a registered dietitian. Her blog features photos of healthy food that'll make you drool and gorgeous scenery that'll make you want to pack your bags for your own adventure! Here's more about this soon-to-be R.D.:

I'm happiest when I'm: Outside! Hiking, running, biking, swimming, name it! If it's outdoors, I probably love it.

My fave fit snack: Greek yogurt with fruit, my Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Granola Bars or my 5-Minute No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars!

Most embarrassing song I'll admit I work out to: I have a very random mix of music on my computer, and sometimes old school Disney movie songs come on. I've definitely rocked out to "Hakuna Matata" before while running. I may or may not still know all the words.

Olympic sport I'd love to try: Probably something super random like synchronized swimming, just to see what it was like. I have a feeling it would be a lot harder than it looks...

My "I Did It" Moment: Finishing my first half-marathon! Not only had I trained hard, but it was also approximately 1,000 billion degrees that day so finishing was an even bigger accomplishment than I had anticipated! I've since gone on to run a second half-marathon (and knocked nearly 15 minutes off my time due to better training and race day conditions), but I'm not sure anything will top the relief and pride I felt crossing the finish line that first time.

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