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Can a Cocktail Make You Even More Beautiful?

Sip smart. (Photo by Jack Miskell)

Written by Danielle Paquette, editorial intern

Sip vodka to banish blackheads, tequila to erase wrinkles and rum to diminish dryness. There’s a cocktail for every skin woe, claims Randy Falcon, a mixologist at swanky New York City nightclub Provocateur. I bellied up to the bar for some serious research and Falcon poured me a vibrant red Teddy Bear—one of 11 alleged drinkable facials. The blend of fresh lime juice, crushed mint, muddled strawberries and Belvedere is designed to unclog pores, according to the menu. Extra vitamins, minerals and “power powders” are mixed to delay aging.

But what can a shot of liquor do for my face (besides give me puffy eyes in the morning)? “You’ll feel and look a lot better with this than if you had a vodka tonic,” Falcon said. “It’s all in the fresh ingredients. ” Since Provocateur unveiled its bar-meets-spa selection in April, health-conscious celebs have been spotted dropping $22 a glass. And with cocktail names like “Sweet Enchantment” and “Spring Flower,” why shouldn’t I, too, buy into promises of a gorgeous morning-after?

“Beauty drinks are a fun idea, but alcohol tends to dehydrate the skin and cause it to look dry,” says Tess Mauricio, M.D., a dermatologist in San Diego. No amount of kumquat, cucumber or pomegranate can cancel that consequence, she warns. “However, in moderation, drinking can reduce stress. That won’t hurt your complexion.” After finishing the Teddy Bear in three swigs, I definitely felt more relaxed. It was fresh, fruity, refreshing—all of the qualities I desire in a drink.  So I had another. When my alarm sounded at 7:30 a.m. the next day, I didn’t feel like a beauty queen. I didn’t feel particularly hungover, either. And after a look in the mirror, I realized I hadn’t found the secret to skin radiance in a cocktail or two. But a night on the town put me in a great mood, and that’s worth the occasional puffy-eyed morning.

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