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How Did Your Dad Affect Your Fitness?

Parents Beth and Keith stay fit with their kids. (Photo by Sarah Kehoe)

For Father's Day this Sunday, we asked over at Facebook how dad helped us get healthier and inspired us to stay fit. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • "Dad taught me how to play tennis—hours of hitting against a garage door 'backboard.' Now, at age 70+, he competes with me every year in a tennis tournament up in Maine where he retired. Priceless!" —Margaret Williams Blount
  • "I remember when I was younger he used to go to the gym, weight train and ran a few marathons. I was too young to participate in things like that at the time. Now that I'm older, I'm the one cracking the whip FOR HIM to get moving! I love him and I want him around for quite a bit longer."  — Erika Bernd
  • "Any sport I was in, my dad was there, cheering me on. Cheerleading competition? Dad was there, cheering me on. Track meet? Dad was there. Pictures, videos, the whole nine yards. My dad is an amazing man and role model. He played football in high school and University and he still walks everyday and sails occasionally. My fitness hero." — Julie Doss Becker
  • "Sports weren't very popular for girls when I was growing up, but Daddy didn't care and always helped me to participate in whatever I wanted to. There were no cleats for girls, or girl ballgloves, no softball helmets with a hole for a ponytail, or even girl softball uniforms. We wore the boys' stuff. At an impromptu softball practice on a city field  long ago, we were shooed away by nearby neighborhood boys wanting the field. Daddy piped up to the girls and the moms around, 'Hey, we're not gonna let those boys treat us girls that way!' And we didn't budge. He was always one of the girls." — Kristie Sharp Williams
  • "My Father just passed away last month. Although we didn't work out together, he did pass on his love for gardening to me. I love that he wanted nothing but healthy, organic foods for his family. I am now raising my family to be active and enjoy 'real' and organic foods. My kids love to garden with me just their Grandpa!" — Leaann Haley Hoffman
  • "My dad passed away many years ago. At the time he was so active, he was called an 'exercise nut'. He passed on his love of exercise to me and there are many times when I've done something physically challenging, I think how proud he would be of my accomplishment. Thanks, Dad."— Lynn Olmsted

Happy Father's Day from the FITNESS team! Thanks to all the dads who've become fitness inspirations and role models!

Now tell us: How did your dad affect your fit lifestyle today?