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Aloha Hawaii: My Must-Have Packing Picks!

One of the places I'll be, the Grand Hyatt in Kauai—absolute paradise! (Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt)

I'm off to a very beachy, sporty and sure-to-be fabulous Hawaii vacation on Friday! It's also my long-awaited honeymoon (we got married in February!)—so I'm counting down the minutes until we're in paradise. I'll surely miss my SoulCycle classes, hot yoga sessions and runs, but I'll definitely be getting my burn on even while I'm away! Our agenda includes learning how to surf, going for hikes, cliff jumping, ziplining through the forest (I'll need lots of upper body strength for that!) and running on the gorgeous beaches of Kauai and Maui. Like all vacations, packing the right stuff is crucial—especially with weight limits and extra fees for luggage.You really have to think about what you're putting into those bags! Here's my packing list that will guarantee that I'm well suited for any occasion:

So cute! (Photo courtesy of O'Neill)

O'Neill Superkini When I'm learning how to surf at the Ty Gurney Surf School in Oahu, I'll need the right bikini that will stay in place when I get hit by waves. O'Neill has introduced their newest style, which offers twice as much stay-put protection as the standard bikini. When I first tried on this suit, it felt and looked the same as any of my other bathing suits, except the interior fabric is extra soft and made with a material called Nanofront (which will stick to me when it gets wet). I'm psyched to wear it when I try to ride those waves! The Ty Gurney Surf School specializes in individualized lessons catered to your surfing needs, and they'll have their work cut out for them with me! I'm scared, frightened and totally nervous to try this sport. Surfing is one of those bucket list dreams for me, something I've always wanted to do, but I've put it off because I'm pretty scared of big waves and the possibility of playing with sharks. Yes, I love scuba diving and have enjoyed this many times so I don't know where my fear of surfing comes from. But I'm ready to tackle this challenge and cross it off of my list! When you're in Hawaii, I thinksurfing is something you have to try. And since pro Ty Gurney himself will be teaching me how to do it, I'm feeling more confident about this. He's been surfing as long as he could read and even won a major championship on Hawaii's North Shore when he was seven! I'd say I'll be in good hands. (Check back in a few weeks for an update on how I did!)

For more luggage musts,

The North Face Paramount Moraine Short

Love this olive green color! (Photo courtesy of The North Face)

I heard about a hidden gem deep off the trails of Kauai called Kipu Falls. It's a 20-foot rock wall surrounded by waterfalls and a pool of clear, refreshing water below. Since you're in the middle of the forest, you're engulfed by trees, flowers and all the natural wonders of the Hawaiian islands (that just sounds so dreamy!). Rope swings hang from the trees at varying heights and you can swing or jump off of the cliffs into the water. I'm so excited to visit Kipu Falls because it reminds me of that old-fashioned swimming hole hangout you see in movies. Before we get to there though, we'll hike the trails and take in the scenery. I'll be wearing my lightweight and quick-drying Paramount Moraine shorts from The North Face (they're so versatile they'll look cute with a top from H&M or Gap too) and the Single Track shoes, which are good for running and hiking so I only need to pack one pair.

Wear to yoga or out at night! (Photo courtesy of

Lululemon Bliss Dress I'm a huge fan of all things Lululemon, and not just because their workout apparel fits perfectly and gets me excited to put on my exercise attire. They've designed a few items this summer that are more lifestyle-focused. The Bliss Dress has adjustable straps and a shelf-bra (I have the Bliss tank as well, which you'll regularly find me sweating it out in during SoulCycle classes). Bonus: It's made from the same soft, breathable sweat-wicking fabric as their gym apparel. On hot days, sweating can be an issue, but with a dress like this, I don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. This dress is a definite must-have if you're doing the tourist thing on vacation and want to look cute while staying comfy.

Ideal for any summer getaway! (Photo courtesy of

GadoGado The Honeymoon Dress Um, hello, why would I not want this dress? Not only is it so appropriately named, it's gorgeous! This new designer from Istanbul Turkey grew up around fashion and the beautiful textiles of the traditional Turkish attire, so it's no wonder she has created such gorgeous dresses! I love that this maxi has super stretchy material and it's so easy to roll up and pack it in my suitcase without taking up too much space. I adore it so much, I have three and will certainly be wearing them out and about in Maui and Kauai!
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