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I Tried It: JumpSport Trampoline Workout

Jump around!

A few weeks ago, I shook up my fitness routine (literally!) and tried a 45-minute class on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. It may seem a little like '80s retro aerobics, but the mini-trampoline has received a makeover—and is a great workout! The JumpSport upgrades your traditional mini-trampoline with stretchy cords rather than metal springs (good for the less-coordinated among us who may find themselves occasionally stepping off the surface). It's also equipped with sturdy legs perfect for supporting strength moves while you're balancing on the JumpSport's side, such as triceps dips or push-ups. We started off getting comfortable with the surface area we could work with, then practiced high, bouncy jumps. And for the meat of the workout, personal trainer and group fitness instructor Abbie Appel led the class through quick, low bursts with fast feet designed to strengthen the lower half while keeping the heart pumping. Think of holding a semi-squat and bringing your knees up just a few inches before pushing them down into the trampoline repeatedly—using the springing action as resistance rather than to propel you up certainly makes the exercise more challenging! My favorite move from the class? A ski-like hop with our arms extended straight out at shoulder height. We bounced like popcorn from side-to-side while toning our legs and obliques. But the entire class was a blast. Time to resurrect the retro rebounder!

Now tell us: Which former fitness trend do you wish would make a comeback?