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Sound Off: Your Toughest Workout!

I consider myself a pretty fit person and given that working out is part of my job requirement, it's no surprise for me to have seen it all and done it all. However, last week I was literally gasping for air during a boxing class with Delon Nelson of D&I Fitness here in New York City. It's not that I couldn't keep up (I actually have 10 years of experience with marital arts and fighting—what can I say, I was a bit of a tomboy as a kid!), but Delon's warm up—yes his warm up—was intense! I felt like an NFL player preparing for a big game when going through drill after drill. We did jump rope for what seemed like 15-minutes straight (most likely it was just 5-minutes!), tire flips, sprints, pushup crawls, jumping jack sprints, squat jumps, training ropes...are you getting the picture?

2XU compression tights saved my legs from being totally sore!

2XU compression tights saved my legs from being totally sore!

Basically everything we did was a pylometric move to make my heart race and keep me moving the entire time. These moves weren't just done in place either. I had to continually move from one end of the gym to the other along an imaginary line—and of course there were multiple reps. At the end of the warm up, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when we put our boxing gloves on. Needless to say, the old fighter in me resurfaced and I think I kicked some good butt. Delon say's I've got a nice kick!

I'm constantly doing different workouts and mixing things up, so it was a pleasant surprise to have a really tough one thrown in there. I know I'll definitely be back to Delon because I kind of enjoyed the torture—it was that much more satisfying in the end when our session was over. So I wanted to know what other editors considered to be their toughest workout.

Here's what my co-workers said:

"The toughest workout I’ve done this year was rockclimbing at Brooklyn Boulders. It looks so easy when you’re watching at other people, but looks are deceiving! When you’re actually up there, it takes a lot of upper body strength to carry yourself over tiny 'rocks' and flexibility to reach and climb certain spots. There's a mental aspect involved too, thinking about which way to go and which rocks to step on. The first time I went, I was sore from head to toe the next day—it hurt just to push open a swinging door! But I’ll do it again because it’s fun and motivates me to get stronger." —Marianne Magno, assistant web editor

"Flywheel makes me want to faint throughout the session, but I’m obsessed! I usually opt out with competing with the rest of the class, but I find that I push myself way harder if I opt in. It brings out the competitor in me, but I can’t walk (or sit like a normal person!) the next day (or days)." —Eleanor Langston, beauty director

"I recently started doing Pilates again but instead of jumping back into a beginner class, I decided to go for the harder workout and join an intermediate session. The first two weeks were killer. I was so sore for three days after each class! I was kicking myself for being such an over achiever, but since then, I have gotten a lot stronger and I am starting to see results! Those Pilates pushups ain’t got nothin’ on me!" —Marla Horenbein, fashion assistant

"Our June Express trainer, Sylwia Wiesenberg, teaches a 90-minute non-stop cardio and total-body conditioning class. I've done it, and let's just say nothing beats this workout. [Check out a sample of the workout here!]" —Mary Anderson, deputy editor

"Boxing! It was 'just' a group exercise class at my gym and I was stunned at how much it kicked my butt. At first, I thought it was awesome and I was totally into it...but I apparently didn’t pace myself because at about 30 minutes into the 55-minute class, I was pretty sure I was going to puke. For the first time in my life, I had to sit out of the workout for a bit so that I could regain control (and my breath!). I’d like to say I’ve returned to class and have conquered the bag, but I haven’t. I decided to up the ante on my regular cardio workouts, first. But I’ll be back!" —Christie Griffin, digital director

Now tell us: What was your toughest sweat session like?