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Fit Blogger We Love: Healthy Loser Gal

Healthy Loser Gal's Jan radiates positive energy.

Jan at Healthy Loser Gal has a way of making her weight loss journey fun, and it's this contagious enthusiasm that keeps us coming back. (She's also one of our Twitter followers!) Here are some of her workout and motivation tips:

My favorite way to work out: I love to power walk long distances and push myself to walk further each week. When I'm walking by myself outside, my mood always changes for the better.  I find it a great time to think, set new goals for myself and be grateful for all I can now do!

Most embarrassing song I’ll admit I work out to: It's difficult to decide on only one, so it is a tie between Blondie's "Call Me" and Geri Halliwell's "It's Raining Men" from Bridget Jones's Diary! *grin* I try very hard not to sing aloud when listening to them at the YMCA I attend!

My fitness mantra: Dream big. Believe. Work hard. Achieve! You CAN do this!

My “I Did It” moment: In March of 2009 when I started my fitness & weight-loss journey, I created a "Dream Board" with pictures of fitness goals that I would like to someday be able to achieve. One of the photos was of a fit woman on a beach, her shoulders on a stability ball, her hands holding 10 pound weights extended over her shoulders, her hips and core up and legs supporting her. She looked so strong and fit and I couldn't imagine someday doing that move but I *wanted* to! Some 14 months later I was working out on a Saturday morning with my trainer, Parker. He had me working on the ball, handed me weights and told me to pull my core and hips up and in and to slowly lift the weights overhead and then lower them again and then bring them back up and look into the mirror to my left. He'd seen the dream board picture and knew I was "there" before I did. I broke the pose and then broke into tears of happiness.  I did it! I then had to reenact the pose for my blog, of course!

My motivation comes from: Seeing people that I've gotten to know through Healthy Loser Gal blog and through Twitter and Facebook begin to believe in themselves and change their own lives after reading my story and how I've lost over 115 pounds. How? By staying optimistic, concentrating on five pounds at a time, counting calories and moving, moving, moving whenever and wherever I am able to!  It's an incredible feeling to be paying forward the blessings I've received by taking off this weight and getting healthy so I'll be living a longer, much happier life.

My gym bag must have: Chocolate low-fat milk to drink to 1) give myself a treat after a great workout and 2) to replenish my body after the workout! All good! Shout-out: It's Jan's birthday today! Wish her a great one on Twitter, Facebook or her blog.

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