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My Summer Sweat-It-Out Gear Picks

Since we're kicking off summer this Memorial Day weekend, it's time to stock up on some new running and workout apparel essentials. I'm always excited to try new things, so I was really excited when these products hit my desk:

Mizuno Wave Prophecy (Photo courtesy of

SNEAKERS: Mizuno Wave Prophecy What makes these shoes stand out? They don't have the usual mid-layer strip of foam for support. The technology consists of "wave" plates so you really feel like you're gliding on your run. When I tested these, I was amazed at how easy (aka low-impact) my run had felt on my feet after doing my usual 4-mile morning trip. There's no other way to describe it than feeling like I bounced down 2nd Avenue of NYC! I'll gladly embrace this new style as long as Mizuno keeps producing such a unique-fitting shoe.

The Circuit Tank (Photo courtesy of

TANK: Lululemon Circuit Tank The brand that loves to mix trendy designs, uber comfort and the versatile style of an everyday tank introduced us to the awesomely supportive Circuit Tank. With this top, no extra bra is needed (yippee!) since the shelf-bra has adjustable notches to go as tight or as loose-fitting as you need. Plus, the open back and criss-cross straps gives the person behind you in class something cool to look at. I'm totally in the wear-and-wash everyday stage with this new tank from my faves over at Lululemon.

Better Than Naked Shorts from The North Face (Photo courtesy of

SHORTS: The North Face Better Than Naked Shorts I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of this style a year ago when they started the line with an easy-breezy jacket...that felt. like. butter. So what's not to love about summer running shorts that feel like they're barely there when the heat gets turned up on a mid-day jog? You literally do not even realize you've got your bottoms on (which could be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it!), because the material is so lightweight, so silky, so smooth and just perfect for anyone who wants to go minimalist on a sweltering hot day. You'll find me in these shorts as I start training for my first marathon.

JM for K-Swiss Sexy Bra (Photo courtesy of

SPORTS BRA: Sexy Bra from JM for K-Swiss I'm a Bikram Yoga fanatic so I'm always looking for cute but functional apparel for the barely-there styles I sport during class. Let's face it: If you've tried hot yoga, you know that it's just easiest to wear as little clothes as possible because things get sweaty in that room! So when Jillian Michaels debuted her first-ever collection with K-Swiss, I was immediately drawn to this sexy, yet supportive sports bra from my favorite trainer. It holds your babies in, but also looks pretty sexy with a pair of moisture-wicking short shorts. No matter the time of the year, you can find me sweating it out in my weekly Bikram class. Looking as good as I'm feeling is a must! This sports bra is good for classes, yoga or even under a light-weight tank on a nice summer day. (JM for K-Swiss is also a top pick in our Summer Gear Guide story in our June issue. Find it on newsstands now!)

Now tell us: What apparel makes your summer workouts cool and comfortable?