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May DVD Review: 10 Pounds Down Total Body Tune Up

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May's Top Workout DVD: 10 Pounds Down Total Body Tune Up

Best for: Reluctant strength trainers; circuit lovers.

Why it's a star: This is one well-rounded DVD! Certified trainer Jessica Smith begins with a nice warm-up, then moves into a 50-minute routine that alternates compound, fast-paced strength moves with quick cardio bursts. A few of our favorite exercises? Twisting curtsy lunges (turn upper body toward your back foot while at the bottom of the move) with an overhead press and burpees with a 180 degree jump in between each rep. Both really get your heart pumping! The program wraps up with a great core routine and cooldown.

Where to get it:, $14.95

Want to learn more about the 10 Pounds Down program? Check out Jessica's blog over at Fit Sugar.