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Whole Motion Fitness: Strengthen More Than Your Typing Fingers

Back pain from hunching over...Is there an app for that?

Back pain from hunching over our phones...Is there an app for that?

Written by Nicole Brennan, editorial intern

Almost all of us can admit that we spend too much time hunched over our tech tools—which can do some damage to our strength and posture. Trainer Sandra Hahamian is out to fix our weak spots with her new fitness program called Whole Motion Fitness.

Three things make this method stand out, Sandra says:

  • Hit all angles. “Most workouts we do focus on linear movements leaving out key part of our muscles.” Training your muscles in 3D can help to prevent injuries, plus athletes have been training this way for years.
  • Don’t just go through the motions. “Connectivity between the brain and muscle group focuses on a complete full motion, it is how your body naturally wants to move.”
  • The core contains many muscles.Focusing on the core is the key to success because that is where most of our power comes from. When most people think of the core they think abs, but in reality, the largest part of our core is the glutes. We need to train them fully.”

I decided to see if I could feel the difference in one of her classes! In the first few minutes of this 30-minute session, I could definitely understand what she meant. Doing her lower body sequence, you feel parts of your muscles engaged that you don’t normally train, and you realize you have been cheating this major muscle group.

Sandra has teamed up with Katrina Garnett, her best friend and founder of My Little Swans (a website devoted to all things travel) to launch a Whole Motion Fitness downloadable 30-minute video online in July 2011. One big plus is that it can be done anywhere—which is great for travelers because it alleviates muscle stiffness and strains from being cramped on a plane or in a train or car for hours.

Now tell us: How do you maintain your fitness, posture and strength with a gadget-filled lifestyle?