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Royal Wedding Inside Scoop: The First Dance!

Professional choreographer Staś Kmieć (in tux) leads the Royal Wedding Dance Workout at New York Sports Clubs. (Photo by Milena Bejouleva/ NYSC)

Professional choreographer Staś Kmieć (in tux) leads the Royal Wedding Dance Workout. (Photo by Milena Bejouleva/ NYSC)

We here at FITNESS have royal wedding fever! And what better way to celebrate than getting insider details about the most fitness-y activity of the day: the dancing. To gear up for the big event, I spoke with ballet dancer and choreographer Staś Kmieć, who has taught the Royal Wedding Dance Workout at New York Sports Clubs the past few weeks, to learn about how to get in shape for a wedding (the season is upon us!) and how to feel confident on the dance floor. But he had even more to share, since one of his close pals is choreographing THE dance—that's right, Will and Kate's first dance at the reception.

What motivated you to develop this workout? "There is such a fascination with the wedding, and as a choreographer, I wanted to put a dance spin on it. A British choreographer named Arlene Phillips is in the Broadway dancers society with me, and was able to give some insight into the actual royal wedding. We worked these details into the class!"

So can you tell us what you know about the royal reception? "It's kept tightly under wraps, but the last time I spoke with Arlene, she hinted that William and Kate would do a waltz to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" for their first dance. So we do that in class as well! There are actually two receptions: the first is more contemporary and fun, like William and Kate. I hear there is a '70s and '80s theme, which will include Kate's request of Abba. The queen will attend the more traditional second reception, which Prince Charles is throwing."

What dances should we try to get in shape for any summer weddings on the horizon? "Dancing is a great total body workout. It burns about 400 calories per hour! I think it's always good to cover the basics that everyone loves, like the waltz and tango. The cha-cha is really fun and fast-paced too. In class, we've been trying that along to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. Of course we don't wish that on the happy couples! More importantly, practicing before the wedding is about confidence. Wedding dances can be intimidating, but preparing beforehand will break down your inhibitions as a couple and let you just enjoy it when you dance at the event—whether it's your wedding or one you're attending."

Will you be watching tomorrow? "I'm setting my alarm for 4 a.m. to watch, then I'm leading three hours of dance later in the day! No matter how tired I get, dancing always gives me energy." Throughout wedding season, New York Sports Clubs will be hosting a Wedding Dance Workout Class. Check out for more details!

Now tell us: Will you be watching the festivities tomorrow? If so, what are you most excited to see?