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How Biggest Loser Season 10 Winner Patrick House Is Giving Back

Patrick finishes the highly esteemed Boston Marathon

Patrick finishes the highly esteemed Boston Marathon

I recently got a chance at the Cybex Arc Trainer launch to spend some one-on-one time with Patrick House, last season's winner of The Biggest Loser.  As one of The Biggest Loser's number one fans (yes, I really am, there is no denying that), this was definitely right up my alley.

After winning The Biggest Loser Patrick went home to South Carolina and founded a co-ed boarding school program for overweight teens. At MindStream Academy kids learn how to follow a healthy lifestyle, get fit, and build better self-confidence. The students are given a unique experience, unlike the schedule that regular junior high and high school students follow. They're given nutrition lessons (with hands on experiences like harvesting their own fresh food!) and engage in outdoor fitness programs, like yoga, throughout the day. To think that some schools across America have cut P.E. classes seems crazy to me, so I love that Patrick is making health and fitness a top priority with the help of his program. This is something I love as I really hope to one day be able to help teens in the same way that Patrick is able to with his program at MindStream. I don't think kids these days are as involved in sports and eating right as they were back when I was young (video games, junk food, and technology may be to blame), so we really need to pass on the right habits to them now.

My goal for this summer is to give a helping hand wherever I can pay it forward all that I've learned–visiting South Carolina to check out Patrick's camp is definitely on my must-do list! I think we all need to take some time out of our busy lives and help our youth build a better future for themselves—they are the leaders of tomorrow!

[Another Biggest Loser fan favorite, Tara Costa, is also doing her part to pay it forward with her  Inspire Change Foundation. Check it out!]

What are you guys doing to give back this summer?

P.S. Patrick ran in the Boston Marathon last Monday with a few of his other Biggest Loser buddies. I love how the contestants are like one big happy family!