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10 Fun Truths About Colbie Caillat

Our live Facebook chat was a huge hit last week—more than 120 questions were posted for Colbie, and she was able to answer about 40 of them in the hour that we stole from her busy schedule. (Did you see that she was at the White House this morning?! And on Friday, she’ll be in Times Square to sing “I Do” during the TLC Royal Wedding celebration!)

We found out so many fun things about Colbie that we wanted to post them here, in case you missed ‘em.

1. She’s an American Idol fan.

2. She thinks cell phone cameras are kinda annoying.

3. Her role model growing up was Sheryl Crow.

4. She’s a big fan of water sports...

5. ...but loves a quick run with weights, too.

6. She doesn’t eat red meat.

7. Her favorite artists include a variety, like Katy Perry and Bob Marley.

8. She’s down to earth.

9. She gets bummed out like the rest of us...but uses music to bounce back.

10. She has to have her sushi the way she likes it!

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