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How Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell Finds Balance

Nancy O'Dell led hundreds of dancers at the Moderation Nation launch on April 14. (Photo Courtesy of Moderation Nation, by AP Photo/Bradley C Bower)

Last week, Hershey's (yes, the chocolate company) launched an initiative called Moderation Nation, which aims to teach Americans about how to find a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Nancy O'Dell is the spokesperson for the cause, and is a perfect example of finding time in life for everything that's important to her—including staying fit and eating well. She somehow finds time for it all as a wife, mom, author, journalist and entrepreneur. Whew! We talked to the soon-to-be Entertainment Tonight co-anchor, who is often the one doing the interviewing on red carpets, and asked for her four secrets to health success.

  • Allow yourself a treat. "I try to eat very healthy, but extreme diets don't work for me. I get intense cravings! Vegetables, grilled chicken and vegetable soup made with low-sodium chicken broth are my mainstays, but I always carry around dark chocolate for when I'm craving a treat! It's all about balance."
  • When all else fails: boogie! "Dancing is one of my favorite ways to stay fit. I feel all of my muscles working—plus it's so fun. I even dance around with my baby girl! I launched the Batuka dance, which is a Brazilian style, at the Moderation Nation event. It was so appropriate since I just returned from the Fast Five movie premiere in Rio [de Janeiro]."
  • Set high goals...You may reach them! "This year has been such a big year for me. I hosted a show on Oprah's OWN Network, and I've always dreamed of working with her. She's just as amazing as you'd think she is! And for years, I've watched the classy and smart Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight and hoped to someday be on that show. It's surreal thinking about what I've been able to do."
  • Remember how lucky you are. "Sometimes what I do begins to feel normal. But then events pop up and I think, 'Wow, I'm going to the Oscars!' I have a wonderful job, and it changes everyday. My family is it. Spending time with them is true happiness for me. I have such a good life. There's not much to complain about!"

Now tell us: How do you find balance?