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Fit Blogger We Love: Fit Chick in The City


Fit Chick in the City shows off her great plank form!

Blogger Jess Underhill began writing Fit Chick in the City as a way to connect both gym rats and couch potatoes with the best workouts and exercise products available, while providing a healthy dose of motivation. We love her NYC gym class reviews (the wilder, the better, we say!) and workout videos. Here are her stay-fit essentials:

Five things I can't live without: A good sports bra, my New Balance running shoes, organic peanut butter, Hill Family Estate's Barrel Blend wine and sweet potatoes.

On my "fit" life list: I want to try trapeze to get over my fear of heights and to see if I would be able to "let go" enough to enjoy flying.  Biking Alpe d'Huez would be my ultimate cycling challenge—riding through the beautiful countryside of France on the same roads as the Tour de France would feel like a huge accomplishment.

I'm happiest when: I'm running during a light snowfall.

My biggest indulgence: A Good Guy cupcake from Crumbs: a vanilla cupcake with vanilla filling, vanilla frosting and a million sprinkles. Last year I had one after I finished each of my half-marathons. I usually treat myself when I've accomplished something big, and of course, on my birthday!

My "I Did It" moment: Crossing the finish line of my first marathon, the 1999 Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. Completing a marathon was a dream I had for as long as I can remember. Despite feeling like I was going to collapse, crossing the finish line made me feel like a real runner for the first time.

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