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Tiffani Thiessen's Healthy Teeth Initiative

Tiffani Thiessen as Elizabeth Burke on USA's White Collar. (Photo by Nigel Parry, courtesy of USA)

You may know her as Kelly from Saved by the Bell, Valerie from Beverly Hills, 90210 or Elizabeth on White Collar, but Tiffani Thiessen believes one role is more important than any other: mom. Her 10-month old daughter Harper has changed her priorities and has reinforced the value of being active and healthy. We spoke with Tiffani, who recently teamed up with Crest to promote the importance of oral health, about how she lives healthy and why pearly whites are important to her.

Why did you decide to partner with Crest? Gum disease and gingivitis are often such silent diseases, but affect so many people. Did you have a personal experience that sparked your interest in raising awareness? You definitely do have one of the best smiles in Hollywood! Being a new mom and an actress, my smile is very important to me. I was shocked to learn that one in two American adults have gingivitis and many don’t know it! By partnering with Crest, I can encourage people to pay attention to their oral health. I love Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection toothpaste, which provides advanced protection to help prevent and reverse gingivitis in just four weeks.

Were you anything like the famous characters you portrayed? I am quite a bit like Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell. She was outgoing and very close with her family, which I could relate to.

How did you learn to be comfortable in your own skin while being in the public eye during much of your life? I was always very aware of my body and it’s different stages of development because I would see myself on TV so much. I always tried to take any criticism lightly and remind myself that being healthy is the most important thing. This is true for anyone: it’s not about fitting into a size 2 and looking good on the outside—it’s about living a healthy lifestyle!

How did you stay healthy and in shape during your pregnancy? And what have you been doing to stay fit since having your daughter? I was very active during my entire pregnancy. I continued working with my trainers in L.A. and in New York with weight training. I also did a lot of yoga and hiking.

Now that you’ve had a baby, how has your life changed? What do you want your daughter to learn from you? My life is now all about her! It’s amazing how your priorities change when you have a little one. It’s weird…life seems more complicated on one end but it’s also clearer. I would love to instill in her the same values that my family instilled in me: kindness, generosity and the love of all things living.

What fitness adventure do you wish to cross of your to-do list one day? I was a big runner before I had a baby and am getting back into that. I have done a lot of races but I would love to do a triathlon soon. I cycle a lot, but the swimming is what I need major help with! Baby steps, right?

What’s your favorite form of working out? Variety is key for me. I love working out with my trainers one on one because I feel like I get the best work out that way. Yoga classes are great as well—besides a great workout, I feel like I leave class feeling like I just had a massage. Being outside and hiking is another love of mine. Now I can bring my daughter with me and we get to be outside together!