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Confidence-Boosting Tips from WNBA Star Candace Parker

Playtex Sport has recently teamed up with WNBA player Candace Parker for the "Be Unstoppable" movement, an online campaign to inspire girls to be more active and confident every day. You can join the "Be Unstoppable" community on Facebook and Twitter and upload a video or photo of yourself having fun and being fit. With every upload, $5 will be donated to the Women's Sports Foundation—a fun and easy way to help girls and women stay fit!

Candace Parker, Photo by Gary B. Garman, courtesy of Playtex Sport

Candace Parker, Photo by Gary B. Garman, courtesy of Playtex Sport

We talked to the basketball star about being a role model to kids and asked for get-confident tips for women of all ages:

Why did you become a part of this campaign?

I'm very excited to be a part of the Be Unstoppable movement. It's a perfect fit for me because it inspires young girls to be more active, helps them to be more confident and gives back to the Women's Sports Foundation.

How important are positive role models to kids?

For me growing up, it was important to see others who were active, to know that you can do it too. Anyone can be a role model. Just get out there and have an active lifestyle.

Who were your role models growing up?

I was a soccer player until 7th grade and Mia Hamm was a true inspiration for me. Seeing her play encouraged me to keep playing. Watching her do her thing made me believe that I could do the same, too.

How are you helping your daughter get more confident and healthy?

It can be as simple as showing her through your daily actions and doing fun activities with her. It doesn't have to be basketball. As long as she's having fun, she'll become more confident in her abilities. In fact, she likes playing soccer more than basketball so I play with her when I'm off the court.

How can other women be more fit and get into sports?

Just go out there and have fun. It's never too late to be more active. When you’re active, you become more confident and you'll meet more people who can encourage you to stay fit. If you're trying something new, understand you're not going to be perfect, but I'm sure Michael Jordan wasn't perfect when he first started playing basketball. And that's what's great about the "Be Unstoppable" movement: you can see girls just like you who are doing the same things you love and having fun.

So how can you get involved with the "Be Unstoppable" movement? Upload a photo or video of yourself on their Facebook page, which will automatically add a $5 donation to the Women's Sports Foundation.