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Twitter Challenge: Work Out With Celeb Trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Singer Kelly Rowland

Start the challenge with Jeanette's Bikini Body Bootcamp DVD (Image courtesy of Jeanette Jenkins)

I’ve recently discovered what this Twitter thing is all about (follow me: @FITNESSjenna and FITNESS: @FITNESSmagazine) and I almost hate to admit it, but it’s a pretty exciting world. Never did I think I’d be running home from a gym class or one-on-one session with a trainer to spill my thoughts to readers via Twitter—the idea of this type of "look at what I'm doing" game just seemed a little silly to me. Who really cares that I’m sitting on my couch watching The Biggest Loser or whipping up a special vegetarian dinner for my you? But, I’ve learned that the Twitter world is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to find up-to-the-minute news about everything and anything. Since I once loathed the idea that people had to know what everyone else was doing at any given second, but I've now converted, I understand the power of Twitter. It's not about the menial things we do every day—watching The Biggest Loser or cooking for our spouses—it's the sharing of information that can make each of us better people, while feeling instantly connected! Now, I find myself frantically trying to see what my Twitter friends are up to and what cool tip I can learn from them. Had I been quick enough this weekend I could have met up with Bob Harper at the Soho Equinox on Saturday morning (he woke up a bit earlier than I did though). It’s things like this that keep you motivated for working out (@SuzanneCBowen tells me new moves to try), staying healthy (@CaitlinHTP tells us what shake she’s sipping after her run and how to make it), and even staying sane (@Lululemon shares motivational quotes every day). So fun!

WHOA, Killer Body Alert! (Photo courtesy of Jeanette Jenkins)

That’s why I’m dying to go beyond the Twitter world and share this really cool challenge you should know about (if you don’t already!). FITNESS advisory board member and celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins (@JeanetteJenkins) and singer Kelly Rowland (@KellyRowland) have teamed up to do Jeanette’s Bikini Bootcamp Twitter Challenge: they challenge you to try Jeanette’s DVD every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of April and May. The real value of this grand idea is the support and motivation you’ll get just by being part of this "Twitter team." Knowing that followers all over the world (including Kelly Rowland who was seen flaunting an ab-mazing body in Miami Beach this past weekend!) will be doing Jeanette’s DVD—and tweeting about it—is a good reminder that you can have a sexy body by summer too. Incorporating mini challenges in to your weekly workouts is a good way to freshen up your goals or shock your body by giving it something new to learn. So all you have to do is workout with Jeanette and Kelly every Tuesday and Thursday and then tweet about it using #Motivation. If you have any questions for Jeanette, she’ll probably tweet you back an answer. Can real women actually have a celebrity personal trainer? Absolutely! Jeanette is a great Twitter friend to have. She's planning a surprise giveaway every week too—so get tweeting! Also, check back in later this week to hear about what happens when Kelly Rowland stops by our office. She'll be sharing her fitness secrets (what else do she and Jeanette do when they hit the gym?) and tell us all about her new album and her single, “Motivation” (so perfectly named I might add) which hits iTunes tomorrow. Click here to snag the DVD and join Jeanette’s Twitter Challenge.