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SoulCycle's Awesome Spinning Playlist!

Photo by Peter Ardito

I've recently become obsessed with SoulCycle, so now I understand all the hype that Kelly Ripa boasts about on Good Morning America on a daily basis (I'd love to see her there one day!). If you don't know, a SoulCycle class is like a Spinning session inside of a hip club—low lights, great energy and the best music to match it. I took a class Saturday evening with an instructor I'm hoping to follow all around town. I think he has the ability to get my body in prime bikini form.

If you can't rock out at SoulCycle, you should rock out to this awesome playlist from instructor Rique Uresti:

Do you ever need help putting together a playlist from the songs you already have? Try this awesome new tool I've discovered from MixMeister, a DJ software system, that will automatically mix you songs that go well together from your existing music library! This software is so cool because it calculates how best to mix from one song to the next to match your desired slow or fast tempo that you hope to follow on your next run. Check it out at and choose MixMeister Express 7 for the newest version (what's new you ask? It'll add sound effects to your favorite songs to spice things up a bit!). Although this software is $70 I think it's definitely worth it if you're always looking to switch things up without having to purchase new music. Be your own DJ!

What are your favorite songs for spinning?