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7 Common Workout Dreams--Decoded!

She might be winning Olympic gold, right now...

Shhhh. She's working out her issues.

Have you ever had a dream about your morning workout? Or maybe you dreamt you were back in middle school gym class? Regardless of what your slumber was about, there could be some helpful symbolism behind it. We asked, an awesome site with tons of dream info, for their help deciphering some of your most common fitness-related dreams.

1. Jumping Jacks To dream of jumping jacks signifies your need for more balance in your life. Try to maintain order while you pursue your goals.

2. Sit Ups Doing sit ups in your dreams suggests that you need to pay better attention to something...whether it’s a relationship, work, or project. Alternatively, doing sit ups could also indicate that you need to show more pride and confidence in your abilities. (MORE: Check out our Top 10 Ab Exercises!)

3. Lifting Weights This dream is a simple metaphor. You’re flexing your muscles---you want others to know that you’re in charge.

4. Running If you dream that you’re jogging, it suggests that you’re not looking for change—you’re just pacing yourself. But dreaming of being in a race is a little more could symbolize that you’re comparing yourself to others, that you need to slow down, or that you’re feeling particularly empowered and mentally “rehearsing” for success.

5. Swimming Water always has tons of symbolism behind it and often has to do with your emotions and unconscious mind. If you dream you’re swimming, it could be that you’re seeking emotional support—this is a common dream for people going through therapy. If you’re underwater while swimming, then it suggests that you’re completely submerged in your own feelings. Take note: You need so badly to deal with your emotions that your unconscious self is forcing you to do it while you sleep! 6. Pull Ups To dream of doing pull ups symbolizes a situation in which you must—or will—rise above. It could be a difficult challenge you’re facing or it could be that you need to move on from the past and look toward the future.

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7. Pushups Simply put, dreaming of pushups could mean that you need to be more assertive and take initiative. Have you had a recent fitness-related dream, but don’t see it above? Check out to see their complete dictionary of terms.