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Introducing Team Fonda

Tara, Jeanette, Jane, Karena and Katrina bond over exercise. (Photo by WireImage)

Jane Fonda has hand-picked the next generation of fitness innovators for her "Jane Fonda's Workout" series. And since we always want to keep you on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest fitness trends, we played a quick Q&A lightning round with Jeanette Jenkins, Tara Stiles and Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson to get the scoop on the new project, how they squeeze in fitness when their schedule is packed and what celebrity they would love to train.

When did you all first meet? Katrina Hodgson: Jane introduced all of us after picking Jeanette as the queen of bootcamp, Karena and I as the cardio team and Tara as the yoga expert. Now we're all best friends and business partners! The goal of Team Fonda is to make fitness fun rather than so serious. If exercise is enjoyable, people will do it. Jeanette Jenkins: I met Jane through her work with G-CAPP (Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention) and World Fitness Day. I was leading the warm-up at the Fitness Day and Jane asked, "Who's that girl on stage?" Everything built from that moment.

As trainers in such great shape, we're sure you eat very nutritiously. But we'd love to know: What's your favorite splurge meal? JJ: Anything Italian! Pizza, lasagna, pasta... Tara Stiles: I love pizza. Amy's Organic is perfect for my freezer at home, and I live in New York City, where you can get anything made healthy and fresh. KH: Karena and I have chocolate and wine three times a week!

If you could train any celebrity, who would it be and why? JJ: Right now, I'd love to train Michelle Obama. Her "Let's Move" campaign is great. I always get inspired by my it would be fun to see what the gym looks like at the White House! I'm already training some pretty great celebrities though...Paula Patton is working really hard with me preparing for Mission: Impossible IV, and I'm also training The Game's Tia Mowry. KH: I'd train Jane Fonda. TS: Me too! She's a great supporter and friend. In the past I've worked with Brooklyn Decker, who's an old soul, and look forward to training Yoko Ono soon.

How do you fit in activity with your busy schedule? JJ: I've been walking around while on the phone for this entire interview! I also suggest doing 200 crunches before bed—this doesn't take a lot of time and makes a big difference. KH: We try to do something first thing in the morning by setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier. Later in the day, things come up. TS: It helps to work at a studio that's right across the street from my apartment! I actually have to schedule downtime and sleep these days, and try not to waste too much time on Facebook.

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