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Meet the Trainer: Jackie Warner


Jackie Warner is no rookie when it comes to the fitness game. You may have seen her on one of her Bravo shows (Thintervention with Jackie Warner or Workout), in bookstores or, most recently, in the Express Workout in our March issue. Her gym has trained the likes of Paul McCartney, Anne Hathaway, Alanis Morisette and Kathy Griffin, not to mention all of the one-on-one clients that can’t be named! And there's no sign that Jackie's tapping the brakes: She's working on several new TV show ideas, writing two books and preparing for her next DVD. We spoke with Jackie during a few of her spare minutes to learn more about the person behind the star!

What would you say is the greatest accomplishment in you career so far? I have to say that opening my second gym, Sky Sport, which is a phenomenal place. It was exactly the gym I wanted to open, my dream gym, and through my work and therapy center there it really motivated a lot of change for peoples lives.

We know that you push your clients hard in the gym! What move do you dread the most when you’re working out?hate lunges so much. I incorporate lunges and variations of lunges in all the workouts for my clients and I always feel so bad for them because I dread doing lunges! That’s my least favorite exercise, but they’re so good for you. It’s working your core, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and quads. They’re a great lower body movement, but there’s just something about them that I hate.

Who would you want to play you in a movie if someone was making a movie about your life? Tough question because I’d want someone that was ripped! I think a leaned out Scarlett Johansson.

If you weren’t a trainer, you’d be… I’d probably be in advertising. I’m the type of girl that drives down the street and completely works every billboard that I pass by in an insane way. My friends make fun of me because I constantly rewrite commercials, billboards and everything that I see in terms of advertising. Or maybe a marine biologist I’m in the ocean all the time and love the water.

What are your top “guilty pleasures?” Hefeweizen beer. I drink it once every couple of weeks. My other guilty pleasure is cashew butter. I can go crazy with cashew butter!

What are you favorite ways to use it? I eat it right out of the jar. I can’t just eat two tablespoons, I eat like a quarter of the jar in one sitting—it’s very dangerous! If you’re good at measuring a serving and stopping, then cashew butter is a fantastic as a snack. That’s not how I roll. I literally cannot have things like cashew butter in my house because I’ll sit down and eat it all!

So is there anything else you wish America knew about you that they don’t already? Yes! I’m actually a very funny person. It seems like I have no sense of humor on camera. I think its because I’m so trying to pass along information and a takeaway, so my left brain is the only part working. When my friends watch me, they say, “You’re actually the life of the party and you’re the funniest person I know, but you act so serious on TV!” I think people would be surprised to see me in a different context. Check out more about Jackie on her website

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