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What's Your (Six-Word) Story?

Photo by flickr user Goynang

Photo by flickr user Goynang

The New York Times Well blog yesterday reminded me about Six-Word Memoirs on the website Smith Magazine. The idea: sum up your life in just six words. It’s hard to do but a lot of fun. And if boiling down your entire existence into a super short sentence is too daunting, you can focus it around a topic, like these great examples from the readers/contributors of Smith Magazine:

Love: “E-harmony rejects found love on Facebook.”

Resolutions: “Knit, guitar, gym and be kind.”

Food: “Full of pie, full of happy.”

Tell us, what’s your Six-Word Memoir? It could be about fitness, food, love, anything! (Check out Smith Magazine and the NYT post for inspiration—and laughs.)

When I went to a Six-Word Memoirs book launch a couple of years ago and had to write a memoir on my name tag, I came up with: “So far, so good. More TK.” (TK means “to come” in journalist-speak, which would be seven words. So, technically, I was cheating.) I’m working on a better one. Hey, that was six words!

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