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Fit Blogger We Love: MizFit

Do you have a favorite fitness blogger? In this new section, we're chatting with fit bloggers we can't get enough of to get their fitness tips and words of workout widsom. This week, we talked to Carla Brinberg, better known as MizFit at This mom, writer and personal trainer posts videos with health advice and moves from her workout while "unapologetically" being herself.

MizFit with her daughter

MizFit with her daughter

My favorite way to work out: It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or who has dropped by my blog that I adore weight training. Old school weight training.  Dusty dumbbells and sets & reps. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger and just feminine it up a little bit. Emphasis on the little. Give him a running skirt.

My fave snack: I'm addicted to beef jerky.  What started as an I'm- intrigued-by-this-shriveled-thing-I-will-try-this-once has developed over time to a full-blown love affair.  If it weren’t for the sodium levels I’d eat it even more than I do now.

Most embarrassing song I’ll admit I work out to:  Ahh, Justin Timberlake, I love ye.  And I should probably be more embarrassed than I am that when I'm running I totally, entirely & wholly pretend he’s serenading *me* when he sings "Senorita."  Whatever it takes to get through the run---right?

My fitness mantra: My fitness mantra is my blog’s tagline: "…because fitness isn’t about fitting in."  I'm a firm believer that we should read, watch television and videos, find gurus, chat with our friends---but when it comes down to putting into practice we are the experts of our own bodies.  We may all share the same goal of wanting to live a healthier, longer and more vibrant life but that doesn’t mean we will all take the same path to get there.
My “I Did It” moment: I'm known for the fact I do cardio, but I do not love the cardio.  Each time I do it I'm proud of myself.  As a result it was a tremendous achievement for me to sign up for and run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon.

My biggest motivator/My motivation comes from: my daughter.  Not only does she motivate me to stay healthy (let's just say I'm not a young mom), but she inspires me to remain unapologetically myself and live authentically.  I believe if I practice what I preach then there's never a need to preach a word.  I hope by ‘practicing’ I can pass this way of living on to her as well.

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