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Heading to the Altar...Then Off to VAIL, CO for Some Snow Time!

Spencer O'Brien, Photo Credit: Tomas Zuccareno/Shazamm/ESPN Images

I'm getting married this weekend (February 12th!) and then I'm off on a wonderful winter wonderland "mini" moon to Vail, Colorado and The Lodge At Vail. My soon-to-be hubby and I decided that planning our "real" honeymoon would have to wait a bit (wedding planning was fun, but it was certainly time consuming too!),  so we booked a quick trip to the slopes to embrace the winter theme. And we're going to learn how to snowboard! (When we visit Hawaii in June we'll hit up the waves for our first time too and learn how to surf!) But before I can even get excited about that, I'm psyched to see Colorado in its glory, white snow and all. The last time I went to Colorado was in the summer months during a press trip to visit the amazing RockResort lodges. I think I fell in love with Colorado's amazing views and the easiness of life there—everyone just seemed so relaxed and they're all so athletic! Visiting now during peak snow season (not to mention Valentine's Day!) I'm sure will be a totally different experience. Pro skiers and avid snowboarders are zipping down those mountains as we speak—and I'm not so sure they're ready to witness an inexperienced snow girl like me. I've skied before, down bunny hills during high school trips, but more than ten years later, I'm feeling a little nervous about falling and hurting myself (my fears have grown as I've gotten older!). Thankfully my hubby-to-be has never ventured into snowboarding either (he is however a very avid skier), so colliding and falling down is something we can do together.

Before I catch some air down any hills, I'm remembering these top tips for snowboarding newbies from two-time X Games medalist, Spencer O'Brien:

1. Don't take it too seriously. You're going to look like a goof for the first day and that's totally OK.

2. Make sure you have the proper equipment. Your older brother's boots that are two sizes too big won't do. Having proper gear that fits is crucial and will make your first time so much easier and enjoyable. (I'll tell you all about what I used when I'm back from my trip and give my rave review!)

3. Take a lesson. Check your local resort, but if you have an experienced friend that's patient and willing, work with them. It's a lot more fun learning from someone you know.

4. Stay positive and stick with it. It's going to be hard at first but if you give it a few days in a row you'll be linking turns in no time.

5. Just have fun! There are no rules to snowboarding, that's what makes it so great. (Oh I will!)