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Jane Fonda Through the Years

Have you heard? The 73-year-old actress and fitness icon is back with two new workouts -- perfect for the Baby Boomers in your life who want to stay in shape like they did with Fonda in the '80s. Let's take a look back at some of the most loved workouts our girl Jane has released:

[gallery] [1982] Jane Fonda's Workout ($18.99 used, The original that started it all! This fitness classic includes a 30-minute beginner session and a 60-minute advanced workout. Legwarmers optional. [1985] Jane Fonda's New Workout ($29.95,
Try the 35-minute beginner program, then step it up with the 55-minute advanced routine. Aerobics and floor work included!

[1993] Jane Fonda's Favorite Fat Burners ($24.87,

Looking for some of the early greatest hits? Pop in this 50-minute workout, which includes parts of four of her previous programs: Lean Routine, Low Impact, Stress Reduction and Complete Workout.
[1995] Jane Fonda's Personal Trainer Series: Low Impact Aerobics & Stretch; Abs, Buns & Thighs; Total Body Sculpting ($18.29,
This DVD provides three workouts on one disc--177 minutes!--that are easy to follow and just challenging enough. Plus, basic, intermediate and advanced options are demonstrated for each exercise.

[2010] Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit & Strong ($9.99, Set your own intensity level with your weight selection during these 2 25-minute strength programs. Challenge your balance and  build muscle during the standing and sitting resistance exercises.


[2010] Jane Fonda Prime Time: Walk Out ($11.49, These two 25-minute walking workouts are great for beginners or the more mature crowd. Fun moves like grapevines and ponies are tossed in to spice things up!


By the way, you can spot our tribute to Jane and all the fitness trends that are hip again on page 19 of our January issue! And stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn more about how Jane is passing the torch to the next generation of fitness all-stars.

Do you have any favorite retro fitness favorites that you wish would make a comeback?