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Yoga Vacation + 5 Perfect Yoga Songs

At last year's Wanderlust Festival (photo courtesy of Tinywater)

This looks hard! (Photo courtesy of

Yoga + beach + live music = The perfect girlfriends’ getaway. Wanderlust Festival is coming up at The Standard Spa in Miami Beach, Florida, so get your om on from March 17 to 20. Learn from a slew of different yoga teachers, including Cameron Shayne, founder of Budokon (that’s the yoga-meets-martial-arts practice that’s adored by celebs such as Courtney Cox and Malin Ackerman). That's his picture -- impressive, right? In addition to poolside meditation workshops and live music performances, there will be more than 30 yoga classes offered. We're intrigued by Christy Nones's "Twist and Shout into Backbends, the Anusara Way." We caught up with Nones, who teaches the popular H2OM yoga class at The Standard Spa, to get her go-to yoga playlist (it's about 30 minutes):

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"All I Need" - Air "Calling" - Nightmares on Wax "Indra" - Thievery Corporation "La Femme D'Argent" - Air "Marilyn Set Me Free" - Casino Versus Japan The festival isn't cheap, but you get some serious yoga bang for your buck: Rates start at $1,530 (that’s three nights/four days and includes yoga, music, lodging and access to the spa). If you share a room with two of your yoga-loving pals, it breaks down to $750 per person. For details, check out the festival's website. Namaste!