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Easy Motivation Trick to Reach Your Goal

Photo by Amy Postle

Photo by Amy Postle

Here’s a simple mind trick to help you reach your goal: shoot for round numbers. You’ll be more motivated and work harder when your performance is just shy of a round number, according to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science. Here’s what researchers found when looking at…

  • SAT scores: Students retake the test more often when their scores are just below, rather than just above, a round number.
  • Batting averages: Players change up their moves near the end of the season in order to finish just above, rather than just below, .300.
  • Hypothetical situations: People say they’ll run one more lap around a track when they’re close to 20.

It’s good to know that my habit of jogging around the block a few times at the end of a run just so I’ll have a nice round mile number to put into my training log is just human nature.

How about you? Do you go the extra mile—or lap, or minute—when you’re thisclose to a round number in your workout?

What’s your current fitness, health, nutrition or life goal?

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