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Why Eating Breakfast is Still a Good Idea

Photograph by Laura Doss

If you've seen any of the recent headlines proclaiming that BREAKFAST IS MAKING YOU FAT, you may be thinking about swearing off all food before noon. But before you toss your bran flakes and skip your morning smoothie, we suggest reading the entire article. It’s not breakfast that’s causing people to gain weight –- it’s BIG breakfasts. A study conducted by German researchers recently found that eating more calories at breakfast did not reduce the number of calories individuals consumed in a day. No matter how big their breakfast, the participants still ate the same amounts at lunch and dinner. The study concluded that eating a big, hearty breakfast could lead to consuming more calories per day. But it’s very important to note that these participants weren’t exactly helping themselves to a second bowl of fruit salad.


“The message should be that you want a ‘good’ breakfast rather than a ‘big,’ breakfast,” said Dr. David Heber, a professor of medicine and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. Heber pointed to the fatty sugary breakfast foods consumed by people in the study — sausages, butter, marmalade. Noting that protein and fiber give you a full feeling for longer, Heber said that a better choice would be an omelet made of egg whites stuffed with steamed veggies.

Sausages, butter and marmalade? It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that eating a breakfast laden with fat and sugar will mess with your metabolism. So does that mean you should skip your morning meal to cut back on your total calories for the day? No. Basically: Step away from the sausages. Stick to a lighter, healthier breakfast (we recommend staying around 300 calories) to jumpstart your metabolism for the day. You'll be more energized, happier and, most importantly, healthier for it. A few of our favorites: 8 Simple Smoothies Grab-and-Go Yogurts 19 Healthy Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

FESS UP: Do you eat breakfast every day? What do you have?