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Heather Muir, Beauty Director Blowouts, spray tans, eyelash extensions—you name the beauty treatment, Heather’s tried it. She spends her days scouring New York City for products that’ll make you look insanely gorgeous (plus save you time!) and her nights testing beauty products (she has a spare bedroom to house them all!). Bonus: Heather’s iPhone is filled with the top dermatologists, makeup artists, and hairstylists’ numbers so that the best beauty advice is only a text away. What she has yet to find but is determined to: A deodorant that’ll stand up to her workouts, a styling product that’ll zap frizz without leaving curls crunchy and a fragrance that both her and her boyfriend love.          

Molly Ritterbeck, Associate Beauty Editor From triathlons to tribal nail art, Molly is just as obsessed with trying out different workouts as she is with testing tons of beauty products, always in search of the perfect match. She’s mastered the art of fitting in sweat sessions nearly every day while only washing her hair twice a week (it involves the best dry shampoos, a hairdryer and a love of topknots). She’ll endlessly be on a hunt for a nail polish that can endure weekly swim workouts without chipping and can’t live without sunscreen (preferably a sweat-proof formula that holds up through long bike rides). Freshening up on-the-go is her gig, but don’t let her low-maintenance weekday routine fool you. She steps up her glam-game for special occasions with a foolproof self-tanner technique, clip-in hair extensions, and a flawless smoky eye or bold lip.