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Katie Lee Serves Up DIY Beauty Tricks and Healthy Recipes


Cookbook author, celebrity chef and co-host of the Food Network’s talk show, The Kitchen, Katie Lee, certainly knows how to harness food in her delicious recipes, but she also incorporates some of the same ingredients into her beauty regimen. Recently, Lee teamed up with Stolichnaya vodka on their #SearchForMary to find original Bloody Mary recipes across the nation. We chatted with the glam chef about everything from primping to pancakes.

 So we know you’re hanging out with Stoli today for a Bloody Mary brunch. Is there a way to make a Bloody Mary healthier? “I think a Bloody Mary is a healthier choice because with the base being tomato juice, it’s not a sugary drink, and you’re getting some lycopene in there, which is good for your skin and a good antioxidant. I use low-sodium juice, which I think makes a big difference. You don’t want to get puffy from your drink or raise your sodium levels, so I use low sodium. One of the other great things about a Bloody Mary is the spices in it. Spicy foods can spike your metabolism. And Stoli vodka is a nice robust vodka that will hold up to those spicy flavors of the Bloody Mary, so it really is a good pairing.”

Any tips for keeping brunch on the healthy side?  “When you go out for brunch, look for healthier options and make some adjustments. Tell them to go easy on the cheese if you’re going to have an omelet and you want cheese. Or sometimes, I’ll ask them to make my omelet with egg whites and one egg yolk. That way I still get the flavor of the egg yolk in there and also the yolk has some B vitamins, so I still like to get one yolk and the rest be egg whites, so you feel like you’re still indulging but you’re making healthier choices.”

Do you have any favorite healthy brunch recipes? “If I’m at home, what I’ll do, because I do love pancakes, is I make a pancake recipe that is just cottage cheese, oats and eggs in the blender. And it’s high protein, high fiber, and no guilt.”

Sounds delicious! What’s one of the best beauty tricks you’ve picked up? “I really like to use food in my beauty products and my makeup artist uses a lot of oil, so I picked up that tip from her. I add a little coconut oil to my foundation when I put it on and it just gives a nice sheen and it’s still really moisturizing. Especially since it’s still cold out and my skin is dry. I tend to have dry skin all year long and in the summer, I’m in salt water a lot because I surf, so having that little bit of oil makes my makeup have that perfect little glow to it.”

Is surfing one of your go-to workouts? “Yeah! I love surfing. I started surfing about four years ago; the ocean was a fear of mine and I like to do things to get out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to take a surf lesson and I got obsessed with it, so that’s one of my workouts. And then, I religiously do Tracy Anderson. I love her workouts. And I’m just a really active person; I love to eat, but I love my skinny jeans too, so it’s a trade-off. If I want to eat all that good stuff, I’ve got to workout.”