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Meet Mineral Fusion’s Pretty New Face: Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui

The flawless Emmanuelle Chriqui with FITNESS beauty intern Jillian Ruffo.

Mineral Fusion—a 100% vegetarian, Denver-based line of mineral makeup, skin and hair care—has a new spokeswoman, actress Emmanuelle Chriqui (you might know her as Sloan, the hottie from HBO’s Entourage). We chatted about beauty and, of course, fitness.

What are your favorite Mineral Fusion products? “Today I’m wearing their Eye Shadow Trio in Stunning ($25,, it’s like a shimmery rose gold. Mineral Fusion’s products are great. There’s a reason I jumped on board with them. Their Eye Pencil in Black ($15, is awesome as well.”

Your skin looks flawless—what gives? “I’ve actually had problem skin in the past. I naturally have oily skin but from flying and the weather changes, I’m so dry lately—it’s brutal. I just feel like I used to have such problem skin, so facials always freak me out.”

Do you have any post-gym beauty tips? “I wash my face immediately following my workout. Even at the gym, if I’m sweating, I’ll go in the bathroom and rinse my face with hot water, wash it and then rinse again with super cold water to close my pores until I can get home.”

How do you stay in shape? “I work with a trainer [Harley Pasternak]—I have been for years. I do circuit training because I find it’s the most exciting kind of workout for me. My trainer changes it up; we rarely work with the same exercises.” —Jillian Ruffo, beauty intern