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Happy 60th Birthday, Olay!

Olay is such an iconic beauty company so it’s hard to imagine a time when bottles of its cleansers and creams didn’t line the drugstore aisles. Today, as the brand celebrates its 60th birthday, we take a look back to its creation: In 1952, South African chemist, Graham Wulff, developed Oil of Olay to replace the greasy creams that were on the market at that time. He and his wife, Dinah, mixed the first batch by hand (and eventually, he sold the company to P&G). Since then, Olay has become both a household name and the number one skincare brand in North America. I have a personal relationship with some of the products—I can remember my grandmother using Oil of Olay when I was younger, and when I smell the signature fragrance today, it brings back happy beauty memories. To celebrate its 60th birthday, Olay is opening their vaults to share some vintage advertisements to bring back that nostalgic feeling for everyone: Read on to see more vintage ads and our favorite Olay products.

In lieu of the milestone, here are the three Olay products I can’t live without: Olay Clean & Mild Make-Up Remover Cloths ($5, are a gym bag must. I use them before a workout to remove my makeup and after to wipe away sweat (the soothing aloe vera feels extra refreshing!). Simply Olay Invigorate Body Wash ($4, has an energizing pomegranate scent that perks me up on those slow-moving mornings. Olay Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 ($13, – the smell brings back memories from when I was younger! I love that it hydrates and protects my skin at the same time. Tell us: What are your favorite Olay products?