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Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber Dish on Olympic Beauty!

Part of the Fab Five, Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber!

Olympic gold medalists’ Gabby Douglas (16) and Jordyn Wieber (17) are obviously amazing athletes but they also know a thing about beauty. Case in point: They each did their own hair and makeup at the Olympics. Impressive, right? I sat down with them to learn about their favorite products, their beauty icon (they share the same one!), and their intense training.

You two have been going non-stop since returning from London. Have you had any free time? JW: “We’ve been having so much fun! Yesterday we had some free time and went shopping!” GD: “And tonight, we each get to fly home!” O

oh, shopping! What are some of your favorite stores? JW: “I like Forever 21 and yesterday I went into this store called C. Wonder, and it was really cool.” GD: “I like Topshop and BCBG.”

So you two are just like regular teenager girls? GD: “Yes! We hang out with our friends and talk about boy crushes.”

Back to the Olympics, how did you choose your makeup looks for the competitions? JW: “We do it ourselves and we always match our eyeshadow to our leotards.”

What’s your favorite makeup product to wear when competing? GD: “I love to wear mascara because it makes my lashes so look big and dramatic. CoverGirl’s LashBlast does a great job—it doesn’t smudge and it lasts a long time.”

Who is your beauty icon? JW: “We were just talking about how much we love Kate Middleton’s hair. We met her at the Olympics and she was so nice and beautiful.”

Have you found a deodorant that stands up to your tough workouts? GD: “I love Secret. I put it on in the morning, and in the night, I’m like, ‘wow, I still smell fresh!’”

What was your favorite Olympic moment? GD: “The whole experience was amazing but my favorite moment was probably the team finals just because we were all routing for each other.”

What’s your workout schedule like when you’re training? JW: “I train for about seven hours a day, six days a week.” GD: “I do a little cardio to warm up, weight training, pull-ups—I can do 20!” (Dang, girl!)

No wonder she can do 20 pull-ups!

How do you push yourself on tough days at the gym? GD: “My coach will give me a pep talk; he’ll tell me that I can do it, and I just push through. That’s how champions are built.” JW: “The Olympics were such a dream for me so I just thought about how much I wanted it and visualized it.”

What’s your diet like? What do you splurge on? GD: “We eat a lot of protein and veggies leading up to the competition. And I love to snack on edamame. I treated myself to an Egg McMuffin after the games.” JW: “If I was going to splurge, I’d eat Taro Frozen Yogurt.”

What music pumps you up while you’re training? GD: “I like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye, and Lil Wayne.” JW: “I like rap and pop—I just put my iPod on shuffle.” —Heather Muir, FITNESS Beauty Director