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Staffer Beauty Snoop: Editorial Assistant Samantha Shelton

In this week's Staffer Beauty Snoop, Editorial Assistant Samantha Shelton gives us a peek at her primping routine and reveals her go-to's for achieving a fresh-faced look. 

Describe your style in three words or less: Fresh, natural and laid-back.
What are the three beauty products you can’t live without? CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara, Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes in Pink Grapefruit (perfect for pre- and post-gym!) and no-slip hair ties.
What’s your beauty routine in the morning? If I’m coming back from an A.M. workout, I hop in the shower and make sure to use Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash (pink grapefruit is my fave). Then I pop in my contacts, brush my teeth using Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Extra White + Scope Outlast toothpaste and try to remember to floss. I go natural with my makeup, but always make sure to have at least a swipe of mascara on. If I’m looking for a more polished look, I dot on concealer, add some foundation, eye liner and shadow and a tinge of blush.
At night? I really make sure to take care of my skin before I head to bed (and I make sure my pillowcases are washed often!). I’ll take off any residue from the day with the Neutrogena wipes, then use a sudsy face wash. I add on a light night cream, brush my teeth and hit the sheets!
Post-workout? I always try to remember to take off my makeup beforehand, and the Neutrogena wipes are perfect for it. A few quick swipes and I’m done – and they smell so good! If I’m not heading home right after my workout for a shower, I’ll wash my face with an acne wash. Add some deodorant and a spritz of body splash and I’m set to go.
What beauty product or treatment instantly makes you feel good? A manicure and pedicure! My close girlfriends and I make a weekend date out of it – brunch, then mani-pedis to relax, recharge and catch up on each others' lives. It’s a great way to reconnect and I leave with fun colors and a treatment that makes me feel pampered.
What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received (or thought of yourself)? Embrace your curls! I grew up wasting so much time on my hair, trying to make it stick-straight because I was one of the few girls with curly hair. My mom and hair dresser always hated that! I finally got sick of the extra work and realized my curls look amazing when I treat them right. Now I avoid heat-styling as much as possible, and my boyfriend says my curls are one of his favorite things about me.

—By Cody Marick, beauty intern