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What's Your Beauty Resolution?

Spill the beans! Do you fall asleep with makeup on? Have you been biting your nails since sixth grade? Straighten your hair like you're ironing a shirt? With 2012 finally here, it’s prime time for some beauty resolutions. We asked FITNESS staffers to share theirs:

  • “I vow to ease up on the hot tools! I’m going to let my hair breathe at least once a week and not fry it with a blow-dryer or flatiron.” —Colleen Moody, web editor
  • "I'm going to stop pulling at my split ends, which makes them even worse!" —Eleanor Langston, beauty director
  • “Seriously, I’m going to stop biting my nails! My two girlfriends and I are reinstating Manicure Mondays: No way am I going to ruin my mani after paying for it!” —Samantha Shelton, freelance editorial assistant
  • “I vow to wear sunscreen everyday.” —T.K. Brady, editorial intern
  • “My beauty resolution is to do more creative things with my hair: I always air-dry it and leave it wavy. It’s time to shake things up a bit— especially because it’s my job!” —April Franzino, associate beauty editor
  • “I vow to put cuticle oil on once a day!” —Juno DeMelo, nutrition editor
  • “My beauty resolution is to moisturize my hands before they start to get overly dry. I’m forging a preemptive strike against painful cracked skin this year!” —Karla Walsh, editorial assistant
  • “I vow to clean my makeup brushes on a weekly basis.” —Lauren Cardarelli, editorial intern
  • “My beauty resolution for 2012 is to get more sleep so that it gets rid of the bags under my eyes and makes me look and feel much more refreshed.” —Marianne Magno, associate web editor

Tell us: What's your beauty resolution for the new year?

—By Leah Cayson, beauty intern