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Happy Halloween!

Need last-minute inspiration for a Halloween costume? A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I decided to throw a 90s-themed birthday party, which was SO much fun to see the different costumes. My inspiration for my costume was Cher from the movie Clueless. My husband's inspiration was Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.

Since I'm a beauty editor, you better believe that I got really into the hair, makeup and nails from the 90s. I applied a squared-off French manicure set the day of the party, and I even had to go to work in them the following Monday. (I couldn't get them off!) For hair, Jessie James, a stylist at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City, decided to blow-dry my hair with each layer cupping my face, instead of twirling layers away from my face, which is way more modern. For my makeup, Landy Dean contoured my face with opaque, matte brown tones and applied an eyeshadow called "Mysterious Plum," which he said that he has had in his kit since the 90s. We both ordered brick-like cell phones off of eBay, and I carried around shopping bags as accessories. I also had on a white velvet choker to spice up my outfit.

What are you going to be this Halloween? Hope you guys have a great time dressing up!