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Are Pretty People Selfish?

101729177There may be some merit behind the movie Mean Girls after all: Those who have more symmetrical facial features, regarded as universally attractive, are also more likely to focus on themselves and less likely to cooperate with others, according to a study presented at last week's Nobel Laureate Meetings in Lindau, Germany. In the lab, people were given the choice of working together for the greater good or serving their own interests (with the chance of gaining more if the other person chose to work together), then their faces were analyzed. Those with symmetrical faces were more likely to choose the self-centered course.

Why? The researchers' hypothesize that since people with symmetrical faces are less prone to congenital diseases and often viewed as attractive (as previous studies have found), others see them as better potential partners. This makes beautiful people have less of a need to depend on and cooperate with others, so they're more self-serving.

Tell us: Do you think there's a correlation between good looks and selfishness?