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Celeb Hairstyling With Charles Baker Strahan and Herbal Essences

We had the pleasure of meeting with celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan at Arte Salon in New York City last week to preview the new Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner. The collection is made to tame flyaways by adding softness to straight or curly hair. We put the humidity protectant that's formulated into the products to the test after our wash and style. Even when we sat outside and surrendered to the steamy New York air, sun and afternoon breeze, our silky, shiny hairstyle stood up. See the proof, below (that's Charles on the left)!


He also gave us a few pointers for styling our hair during any season:

If your flyaways continue to rise at the top of your hairline: Spray hairspray onto a makeup or small hairbrush and sweep it over the errant strands. This will ease frizz without flattening your styled hair.

If you want to add volume to flat, straight or curly hair: Use Velcro rollers along the crown of your head. This forces the hair to change directions, which will lend bounce and movement.

For a fast freshen-up: Tease hair starting at the crown and brushing in the opposite direction—the crown is where you can create the most volume.

—By Amanda Downs, beauty intern