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Olay's Newest Face: Kim Cattrall

Congrats to Kim Cattrall, who is now the face of Olay's new Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash and Lotion that will be launching this spring. Recently, I had the chance to interview her over the phone. Here are some fun tidbits I learned about her:

  1. She has very dry skin on her body. “I take a ton of showers and baths, which I really enjoy as a way to decompress. My skin always felt tight and dry, and I would even scratch it so hard that I would break blood vessels. This Olay body lotion leaves it incredibly moisturized, and I apply it two times a day. I love that it’s lightweight, and I don’t have to wait to get dressed after I slather it on.”
  2. She squeezes in quick workouts every day. “Even when I’m working, I try to do something active for about 20 minutes a day, such as biking at the gym or taking a vigorous walk through Central park with my iPod.”
  3. She exfoliates her skin daily. “I buff my skin by putting a little bit of lotion on a mitt and rubbing it over my body gently when I’m in the shower. I always do this when my skin is damp, and it makes my skin feel supple and luxurious.”