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Faith Hill Talks Fitness

We recently chatted with country singer Faith Hill about her newest fragrance, Faith Hill True, her favorite beauty products and tricks for on-the-go, and her stay-in-shape secrets. The scoop:

FITNESS: How does your new fragrance, True, differ from your first fragrance?
FAITH HILL: "My first fragrance had several notes in it that reminded me of growing up in Mississippi, such as magnolia.  I wanted to keep this one fresh and clean and current...I really liked the yuzu, lily and gardenia notes."

FITNESS: What kind of woman is True made for?
FAITH HILL: "It's made for every woman.  Whether you work in your home, outside of your home, in sweats or a suit, everyone can wear it.  I wanted the fragrance to appeal to all women."

FITNESS: How and when do you wear fragrance?  What's the best way to wear it?
FAITH HILL: "I wear fragrances every day. It's like a part of my outfit.  I wear it with sweats, casual or dressed to go out.  It completes my outfit."

FITNESS:How do you take care of your skin and hair on-the-go?
FAITH HILL: "I try to keep my skin clean and moisturized.  On my hair, I use a leave-in conditioner most of the time when I'm not working.  I also drink lots of water."

FITNESS: How do you keep yourself in shape with your busy lifestyle and while you're on the road?
FAITH HILL: "I have to schedule workout time or I simply will find an excuse to not workout.  I'm doing the Tracy Anderson method right now and I love it.  I don't get bored as easily because of all the movement involved in her program."

FITNESS: What are your favorite beauty products for after your workout and for carrying with you when you're on-the-go?
FAITH HILL: "I always clean my face after my workout.  I use Obagi cleanser and sunscreen.  When I travel, I do the same treatment, just with more moisturizer and I drink loads of water."

FITNESS: What workouts do you do regularly?
FAITH HILL: "I used to run, however, now I enjoy a brisk walk for 2-3 miles, in addition to the Tracy Anderson method."

Faith shares her workout playlist in the Fit Life section of our January issue, out next week!