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A Twist on a Classic

156724001French braids aren't just for summer camp anymore.

I love the look of French braids, but sometimes I want a style that's a little more relaxed. When I was pulling my hair up into a braid today, I decided to try something new. Rather than start near the front of my head, I parted my hair to the side and combed out a two-inch section from the middle of my part. I began to braid, adding small pieces from the front and back of my part. I weaved the pieces under each other (rather than over) to achieve the inside-out effect. Once I reached my neck, I gathered all my hair together to form a regular braid. It still had the loose, relaxed feel I was aiming for with a little extra flair. And the French braid helped keep fly-aways out of my face during my workout. It's my new go-to! Would you wear it?

-- Catherine Q. O'Neill, beauty intern