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Lashing Out

FITNESS sat down with actress Claire Danes to find out what's got her lashes all aflutter these days. Some women are apprehensive about Latisse, the 

prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker? Were you nervous about starting it? I did a lot of research online and talked to my doctor about it. After learning the truth about Latisse, I was reassured. It's was the only FDA-approved lash grower and I loved that it went through clinical testing before being put on the market. I felt confident to go forward. You hear about all of the crazy side effects from Latisse like iris discoloration. When you started did you have an side effects? I got a little red around my eye about a week into it, but my doctor said it was normal and fleeting. I've had no side effects since. Your lashes are gorgeous, tell us how you got to this point. I apply it before bed like eyeliner. It took about four weeks for my lashes to start growing, and took 16 weeks to see the full effect. My lashes grew longer first, then fuller, and then darker. What do your friends say when they see you now? I ran into a good friend recently while jogging and she thought I was wearing false lashes -- while jogging! You obviously love Latisse, but what are some of your other beauty faves? Tinted moisturizer and lip stains. I also like metallic gel eyeshadows.

THE EYES HAVE IT (Claire's Eye-Opening Journey):