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Cheryl Burke's No-Sweat Secrets

TBS_DeoDry4 I recently got the chance to chat with Cheryl Burke from Dancing With The Stars (love that show!) at the Body Shop DeoDry Launch event in downtown New York City. My biggest question: How does she stay sweat-free during her performances? She reveals her secrets below.


“We dance like 7-8 hours every single day, 7 days a week, so it has been really hard for me to find a product that keeps me from not sweating. I just put The Body Shop DeoDry on once a day and I’m not self-conscious: I feel great and feel confident in my own skin… I’m able to wear what I want without feeling paranoid that I have sweat marks everywhere.”

The Body Shop DeoDry deodorants ($8 each) are available in three scents: Chilled & Breezy, Cool & Zesty and Fresh & Floral (Cheryl's fave).

-Julianne Carell, Beauty Intern

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